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I make tracks for other people, FREE :)

2010-04-05 07:59:05 by Gunkel

If you want a specially made track to do whatever you wish with, comment on this post or send me a PM. I can do most genres, and I understand music theory.

I have literally nothing to do so ask me for as big a project as you wish. As I do this for free, it might take some time before your request is filled, but I will try and do every request. :)

I can do most genres but as I only play keyboard, genres that require live recording of instruments aren't possible :( I can try and do them but they will use synthesized instruments.

Once again, I stress that there is no catch :) For the time being anyway, this service is free. I care more about getting my name out there at the moment than making money really... :)


I am in the early stages of writing my first flash project, entitled "The Worlds To Come". It tells the story of a boy who, sparked by the death of his father, tries to find his murderer. It is a very serious story, but will be presented in cartoon animation. I will keep you updated as the project grows.